The care sector continues to change and the introduction of new facilities and demands means that this sector faces a series of unique challenges. We are entering an era where care needs to become more advanced and we recognise how important it is that care facilities are created to meet the needs of today’s residents to make them as comfortable as possible, creating a home from home.

We bring endless enthusiasm and a vast amount of expertise to every project, applying our knowledge of the industry to create a unique and workable design. We recognise the issues that are specific to residential care and we aim to meet the requirements of our client at every stage of the project.

We understand the different elements of the design process and we are a proactive member of the team, working collaboratively with professionals, contractors, clients and managers to ensure that all possible options are explored and the project outcomes are the best they can be.

To find out more about our consulting engineering for residential care, please contact our team today and we can have a chat about your requirements, provide some advice and talk through your next steps.